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Enerity Solutions – green values, green solutions

We are a high-quality, expert energy software house. Our Enerity™ product family is designed for strategic development, optimisation and management of the business operations of energy companies. More than 50% of the volume of electricity sales in Finland takes place using the Enerity™ Electricity Trade solution.

Electricity production is increasingly focusing on production methods that utilise clean and renewable forms of energy. Our solutions enable energy companies to direct their customer electricity sales towards these more ecological electricity products. Customers can be encouraged to use energy more evenly and at times when there is less energy consumption overall. This way, usage can be steered in a more environmentally friendly and energy efficient direction. 

In addition to the fact that some of the products and services support energy saving and green values,the company strives to take environmental concerns into account in its own operations. For example, work-related journeys are travelled by public transport wherever possible and savings in paper, electricity and water use are maximised. The environmental policy and associated operational measures included in the company’s strategy are reviewed annually.