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Most energy efficient hybrid bus on the market

A prototype for a completely new kind of hybrid bus for public transport, CAMBUS, has been completed in Lappeenranta through a partnership of three educational institutions. A city bus inspected in May is converted to a hybrid system by the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and Saimaa Vocational College (Sampo).

Hybrid buses help reduce the particulate emissions generated in city centres.

The bus has a new hybrid system developed at LUT which is considerably more energy efficient than the existing commercial versions. According to Professor Juha Pyrhönen, the system’s efficiency is based on a radically smaller combustion engine and a more powerful battery capacity. The bus may be driven using either the electric motor or the combustion engine, or a combination of the two.

"In city areas, where traffic regularly stops and starts, the bus can run solely on electricity. In more remote areas, the diesel engine generates the electricity needed for basic driving. As a result, particulate emissions, will be reduced in places where they cause the most problems," says the Project Manager, Marko Kasurinen. He believes that the hybrid system facilitates a 50% reduction in city traffic emissions from the current level.