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Aurelia Turbines manufactures highly efficient gas turbines for the international markets.

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Aurelia Turbines

Aurelia Turbines

Small and energy efficient gas turbine

Aurelia Turbines manufactures highly efficient gas turbines for the international markets. The company's main product is a 400 kW gas turbine.

Aurelia Turbines develops, manufactures and commercialises durable and efficient small gas turbines, especially for small-scale process and SME industry. Our technology is based on the high speed technology developed at the Lappeenranta University of Technology.

Aurelia® A400 turbine is a twin spool radial flow turbine with two high speed generators. These enable the turbine's modular design and use of an intercooler and a recuperator. As the result, the gas turbine has an excellent electrical efficiency LHV of more than 40%.

Our turbine has various applications in industrial processes, power generation and commercial use.

Our product provides a solution for the energy markets of today and tomorrow.

Our gas turbine has high energy efficiency and low emissions. It also has fuel flexibility, meaning that it is easily adjustable to meet the requirements of different fuels, including conventional liquid as gaseous fuels, biogas, biodiesel, flare gases and even synthetic gases.

We have strong ties to a wide range of technology suppliers, and our focus is on adding value through our products. Our competence is founded on excellent knowledge of the markets and perception of our customers’ needs.

Product features that attract customers and partners around the world.

The design of our gas turbines is based on modularity. For us, this means the ability to build an integrator model. In other words, Aurelia Turbines only delivers the critical components to its partners, who then assemble the final product close to their markets while meeting the local requirements. For turbines and power generators in general, this is an unusual approach, and it has attracted a lot of attention around the world.

From the technical viewpoint, customers benefit from the following characteristics of our turbines:

• Very high electrical efficiency – over 40% – combined with other excellent characteristics; for example, the turbines have efficient heat recovery and require little maintenance.
• Active magnetic bearings eliminate the need for lubricants. Usage does not cause any friction in the bearings, resulting in very long maintenance intervals.
• The combustion chamber is an advanced premix-combustion chamber that enables very low CO and NOx emissions.
• Due to the design and bearings, the turbine is vibration-free and very quiet.
• The turbine can be monitored and used via a remote connection.
• The modular design and use of existing components enable a worldwide maintenance service network for most of the components.
• The turbines can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Small gas turbines with multiple applications.

The most typical applications of our gas turbines are, CHP plants, renewable energy production and the related stabilisation, energy industry processes, etc. Our typical customers include the food industry, process industry, metal industry, feed industry, hospitals, hotels, ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles, etc.