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Enerity™ products steer companies and consumers in a more energy-efficient direction.

Enerity Solutions Ltd

Enerity Solutions

Enerity Solutions Ltd

Ecological electricity with Enerity™ products

Our solutions enable energy companies to direct the electricity sales they offer to customers towards ecological electricity products and to manage the consumption, production volumes and sales of green electricity as a whole.

We are an expert company in the field of energy software. Our customers choose us due to our customer-oriented approach, innovativeness and expertise in the IT, project and energy industries.

Electricity production is increasingly focusing on production methods that utilise CO2-free and renewable forms of energy. Our solutions enable energy companies to offer their customers these more ecological electricity products in a cost-effective way and to manage the production volumes and sales of green electricity as a whole. Our solutions allow these products to be priced and managed in a new way. In addition, customers can be encouraged to use energy more evenly and at times when there is less energy consumption overall. Thus allowing usage to be steered in a more environmentally friendly direction.

Enerity™ products can be integrated with other energy and water supply software. We work closely with our customers and other operators to develop new solutions for the needs of the industry and to meet future challenges.