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Comfort of living comes from properly designed ventilation.

ENTOS Energiatekniikan Optimisäätö Oy

ENTOS Energiatekniikan Optimisäätö

ENTOS Energiatekniikan Optimisäätö Oy

Pioneer in smart ventilation

Mikkeli-based ENTOS Energiatekniikan Optimisäätö Oy supplies demand-controlled ventilation to properties while also increasing the comfort of living and reducing the carbon footprint of buildings.

The company sells, installs, maintains and services building automation, ventilation and heating systems. As its own product, Entos has brought a smart ventilation system to the market.

– The TopAir EC ventilation system we have developed is based on an extractor which, thanks to modern sensor technology, reacts to changes in the utilisation rate of the property by studying its air quality. Demand-controlled ventilation prevents unnecessary consumption of heating energy and saves money, Entos Oy CEO Aki Pohjalainen describes.

In practice, Entos has added intelligence, and thus cloud services, to a physical product, i.e. the extractor fan. The customer can track the status of ventilation in real time from the cloud service, and Entos can monitor and service the system remotely.

– Through the software, we receive information about the equipment in use and are constantly learning how we can improve the product. At the same time, we develop and optimise our production, says Chief Operating Officer Sami Savolainen.

For example, in the future, the system will be able to monitor outdoor air quality and limit ventilation when the air quality outside is poor and increase ventilation when the air quality is good.

Entos brings expertise that can be used to influence social themes to the Greenreality Network.

– We bring thought to demand-controlled ventilation and its growing importance. We also present the results of our product development and are constantly looking for new opportunities, Pohjalainen says.