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In the European Business Awards competition, GEF was selected both as the winner for Finland as well as one of the 10 best companies in Europe in its turnover category.

GreenEnergy Finland Oy

GreenEnergy Finland

GreenEnergy Finland

Solar power startup is developing a decentralised energy ecosystem

GreenEnergy Finland Oy (GEF), one of the leading solar power solution providers in finland, is developing smart grid solutions and expanding into international markets.

Green Energy Finland Oy (GEF) has delivered more than 1,000 solar power plants, in total over 8 MWp. While the company has become one of the largest solar power plant suppliers in Finland, the proportion of inhouse plant design and project management has considerably increased.

GEF has invest more than EUR 5 million in decentralized electricity balance management and smart ecosystem development, for which Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation) has provided important support.

GEF develops ecosystem solutions which enable more efficient utilization of decentralized power production and consumption.

The GEF Vision™ solution targeted for solar and grid power system management is a fundamental part of the ongoing product development. The GEF Vision™ includes a PV system connected IPC device which not only reports errors, but also combines realtime measurement of demand and distributed production with forecast functionality that builds the basis of the energy balance management and optimized use of electricity. 

– For example, the energy balance management system looks for the least expensive hours and regulates consumption accordingly, says Director Mikko Pääkkönen.

The same function can also be used for regulating heat pumps to the building during the event of surplus thus optimizing the efficiency of electricity use. With the integral part of the system, the DC/DC converter, the surplus solar power production is directed into energy storage, which can also be charged and discharged at power grid with price optimised timing. 

– The solution can use any battery technology, including the batteries of fully electric vehicles (BEV), with a bidirectional energy flow, Pääkkönen says.