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About 60% of the households in Imatra as well as the largest commercial and office buildings are heated with district heating.

Imatran Lämpö Oy

Imatran Lämpö

Imatran Lämpö Oy

Fully fossil-free district heating

The affordability and effortlessness of district heating is attracting a steady flow of new customers to Imatran Lämpö.

Imatran Lämpö Oy generates 100 % of district heat using biofuels. More than half of the biofuel is forest industry by-products, such as bark and sawdust, and the rest is wood chips from nearby areas. Biogas is used to supplement the process only during the coldest periods of sub-zero temperatures.

The company has been utilising biofuels since 2015. In 2020, the company switched from natural gas to biogas in the production of district heat. The company is constantly investing in facilities and the district heating network to improve and maintain the reliability of district heat. New customers have also been connected to the network.

–  The increase in the number of customers allows for the further expansion of the district heating network and the addition of new customers within the network, says production manager Turo Valkama.

The company’s latest equipment investment is a flue gas scrubber for the Rajapatsas plant. Thanks to the flue gas scrubber, the plant has improved its efficiency and decreased its fuel consumption by 30 truckloads.

 – The new investments and good management of finances mean that the price of district heating can also be kept low in the future, Valkama says.