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KEHY links the companies within in its operating area to Greenreality Network.

Imatran Seudun Kehitysyhtiö Oy (KEHY)

Imatran Seudun Kehitysyhtiö KEHY

Imatran Seudun Kehitysyhtiö Oy (KEHY)

Green and active business ecosystem

Imatran Seudun Kehitysyhtiö Oy (KEHY) coordinates the development of new industrial business operations and the improvement of vitality in the Imatra region. KEHY is one of the partners implementing the Green Lappeenranta-Imatra growth agreement under the AIKO Programme for launching regional innovations and experiments. We offer business development services and networks for innovative companies in the industrial sector.

Our spearhead projects involve advancing industrial operations related to the circular economy and renewable energy through piloting and references. We spar companies and public sector actors by enhancing their abilities for intelligent procurement.

We also invest in the utilisation of digitisation, automation and robotisation in products and services related to the built environment, thus fostering resource-wise industry and the introduction of smart transport solutions, for example.