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Businesses requires ever better energy efficiency from their premises.

Itula Oy


Itula Oy

Energy-efficient heating and cooling operate on a needs basis

The heating of residential and commercial premises can be managed in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

A radiant ceiling panel developed by Itula Oy contains so much intelligence that it can operate as either a heater or cooler, depending on the situation. When heating, a radiator distributes heat from water led to the panel into the room. And when cooling, cold water flows through the panel. The ideal temperature of the premises remains constant, regardless of any changes in circumstances, so no one needs to freeze or overheat.

Jukka Itkonen, the Chairman of Itula’s Board of Directors, points out that energy costs make up an ever greater share of household expenses.
– However, they can be cut by reducing consumption. Itula’s mode of operation is geared towards saving energy, he says.

In addition to energy savings, the ItuGraf panel system significantly improves the room conditions, thus benefiting human well-being and productivity. ItuGraf panels create a pleasant temperature into the room without draft, dust or noise.

Itula’s services include comprehensive solutions that include the modelling, design and manufacture of heating and cooling systems, delivery to the work site and, when necessary, system installation and testing. It addition to its own products, the company uses technical building products from international manufacturers, where the common denominator is energy efficiency.