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The best working conditions are created when there is a balance between people and automation.

IVH Kampus

IVH Kampus

IVH Kampus

Eco-efficient and healthy operating environment next to Green Campus

IVH Kampus runs its real estate business according to the principles of sustainable development. The energy-efficiency, environmental impact and comfort of the buildings is fostered through up-to-date property technology and continuous monitoring.

Property experts play a key role in monitoring. They know the buildings and the people using them, and they are on site, ensuring the best possible working conditions for the companies. The CO2 content, humidity and temperature of indoor air are monitored carefully. Waste produced in offices is sorted on site and recycled.

Measures to improve the condition and convenience of the buildings are taken systematically.

– Investing in property technology is always profitable. Optimising the use of electricity, heat and water creates savings in operating costs, thus generating savings for our customer companies”, says Päivi Kangas, Director of IVH Kampus Lappeenranta.

Tenants of IVH Kampus include more than a thousand people working for almost one hundred companies. An increasing number of jobs at IVH Kampus are based on the expertise of LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences. Students often work in already established as well as growing and successful startup and spin-off companies even before their graduation.