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One of the most important issues of our time is climate change. LUT is creating a solution to it: a system based completely on renewable energy, where zero-emission and low-cost energy is available everywhere and toeveryone without restriction.

To bring climate change to a halt, energy production must be emission-free by 2050 – an objective recorded in international agreements. This transformation will change the energy sector from a raw material business to a technology and service business.

– The electrifi cation of the entire energy system and the storage of energy are key issues, but the opportunities created by new business models and their social and economic impact are at the very least equally important.

Finland has everything it takes to be an engine for this energy breakthrough, says LUT’s Professor of Electrical Engineering Jarmo Partanen.

Finland has everything it takes to be an engine for this energy breakthrough

LUT’s Lappeenranta campus works as a research platform for the zero-emission energy system: the university’s solar power plants provide electricity to a smart electricity grid, which has integrated energy reserves. The energy is stored in batteries and converted to synthetic fuel for later generation of electricity. The results of the research are now translating to concrete new business activities and business partnerships.

LUT University’s research annually yields many inventions and business ideas that diff erent actors can take advantage of and implement. LUT’s cooperation with the business world has already produced a number of successful start-ups and spin-offs that directly and indirectly employ hundreds of people in the region.

LUT is also the engine and the driver of the Greenreality network. The university helps the members of the network to develop their current activities into a more sustainable direction and cooperates with them in research and innovation at a high level.

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