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Metsä Fibre produces bioproducts with biofuels.

Metsä Fibre

Metsä Fibre

Metsä Fibre

Leading producer of bioproducts

Metsä Fibre, part of Metsä Group, is a leading producer of wood-based bioproducts such as pulp, sawn timber, biochemicals and bioenergy. Metsä Fibre uses northern wood from sustainably managed forests and manufactures resource-efficient products to replace fossil materials. Company produces pulp and bioproducts at four mills in Finland, and sawn timber products at five sawmills in Finland and one sawmill in Russia.

One of Metsä Fibre's pulp mills is located on the shores of Lake Saimaa in Joutseno. The mill's main product is high-quality softwood pulp for board, tissue and printing papers and speciality products. Mill´s softwood pulp is made of both sawmill chips and Nordic pine and spruce sourced from sustainably managed forests. The wood raw material is always fully traceable.

In addition to softwood pulp, the Joutseno mill produces biochemicals used in industrial production, cleaning agents and the food industry to replace fossil-based raw materials. The energy-efficient mill produces more bioenergy than it needs. In addition to using renewable energy in own production, the mill supplies it as electricity to the grid, for example. The lime kiln at the Joutseno mill is running by bark-based product gas. Thanks to this, the mill does not use fossil-based fuels during normal operations. Metsä Fibre develops it mills through systematic investment to ensure safe and efficient mill operations and good environmental performance.

Sustainability is the basis of all operations

Sustainability and responsibility are an integral part of all Metsä Fibre's operations. Metsä Fibre uses northern wood from sustainably managed forests and produces resource-efficient products from it to replace fossil materials. Ensuring the wellbeing and safety of employees is also at the heart of operations.

In its production, Metsä Fibre is committed to continuously reducing fossil carbon dioxide emissions and minimising the environmental impact of its operations. The company is continuously developing the environmental, energy and material efficiency of  its production units as well as utilizing raw materials, water and energy in a resource-wise manner. Metsä Fibre produces significant amounts of renewable energy and other bioproducts from the side streams of pulp production.

Metsä Fibre's sustainability goals are based on Metsä Fibre's strategy and Metsä Group's 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Metsä Fibre's sustainability work aims to build a path towards a low-carbon society, and the company's operations support the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).