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The company’s goal is to save 6% energy on an annual level of consumption by 2025.

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Parikkalan Valo

Parikkalan Valo

Regional energy company takes the environmental impact into account

Parikkalan Valo Oy takes the environmental impact into account in all of its activities, and it aims to reduce the environmental load through its actions.

Parikkalan Valo Oy sells electricity to different parts of Finland. The electricity products are called Piika.

In addition to the basic electricity products, customers can choose the ViherPiika electricity product, which is generated with 100% renewable energy.

In addition to electricity, Parikkalan Valo Oy offers tools and services related to the monitoring of energy efficiency.

The company encourages customers to generate their own renewable energy by purchasing customers’ surplus electricity.

Among other responsible energy users, Parikkalan Valo Oy is part of the Energy Efficiency Agreement.

Energy Efficiency Agreements are an important part of the Finnish energy and climate strategy, and they are the primary way of promoting the efficient use of energy in Finland.

“Using energy efficiently and responsibly reduces the carbon dioxide emissions that cause climate change. Our goal is to reach 6% of energy savings on an annual level of consumption by 2025,” says Managing Director Janne Rouvinen.

Parikkalan Valo Oy is a partner in several wind farms and wind farm projects. In addition to the wind farm projects, Parikkalan Valo Oy also participates in other carbon dioxide-free methods of electricity production.