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Energy efficiency and sustainable development solutions are what Rejlers Finland specialises in.

Rejlers Finland Oy

Rejlers Finland

Rejlers Finland Oy

Leading player in energy data management in the Nordic region

In operation for 40 years, services of the renewable energy, measurement services and energy efficiency expert company are employed by almost 1 million energy users.

Rejlers Finland Oy offers engineering and consultancy services, as well as project services to customers in the fields of industry, energy, building and infrastructure. Consideration of environmental impacts is central to all of our activities.

Our services reach almost 1 million users of energy. We provide comprehensive measurement and analysis services, consulting services on energy efficiency, such as audits, preliminary surveys and project plans, emissions trading expertise and energy procurement consulting based on 40 years of experience:

Extensive expertise on production plant environmental considerations

The environmental consultants of Rejlers Finland have worked on dozens of projects for various facilities, such as environmental impact assessments (EIA), environmental audits, licence applications and life cycle assessments (LCA). We provide our customers with corporate social responsibility and environmental reports, risk assessments, due diligence reports, as well as ambient noise measurement and modelling services. We also offer the customer landfill closure plans and services for projects on handling waste water, sewage sludge or contaminated soil.

Furthermore, we perform environmental and safety inspections for our customers with the purpose of developing accident-free and environmentally sound ways of working, while establishing such practices as the new norm. A material audit, in turn, is a practical tool for enhancing the company’s operations and material flow management. The audit is used to identify the steps in the production process where the use of materials, amount of waste generated and environmental damage can be reduced.

Your expert in digital services

Digitalization and IoT are forces of change, which reshapes operations in all industries. In our solutions, we combine the traditional industry know-how and latest technologies. Watch how a power plant’s operations can be accelerated with digital solutions:

About us

We operate at 18 locations in Finland. In 2017, the turnover of the Finnish companies of Rejlers Group was approximately € 48,6 million. Operations in Finland began in 1980 and the company has grown steadily. The number of employees is now nearly 1,000. We are part of the Nordic Rejlers AB company, which has 2,100 employees. The company’s shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, Nordic List.

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