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Comprehensive waste management projects.




Comprehensive waste management projects from waste sorting to heat and power production

Finnish company Solid Environmental Technologies Oy (SETCleanTech) focuses on ecology and environmental protection. Companies’ experts have over 20 years of experience in eco-sustainable technology markets.

One of the main activities of the company is implementation of comprehensive waste management projects including advanced sorting and processing of municipal solid waste, industrial and forestry wastes as well as production of SRF, heat and power.

Conversion of waste to power is high-profitable process and can solve whole range of problems connected to waste recycling in big cities and improve energy security of sparsely populated regions. Besides, advanced waste sorting provides for recovery of valuable recyclables such as plastics, metals, paper, glass, cardboard etc.

Due to advanced sorting and processing of wastes to power/heat at most 10 % of total amount of municipal solid waste will remain for landfill disposal. This will improve environmental situation drastically, decrease harmful emissions level and save natural energy resources (gas and oil) for future generations.