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The world’s largest wind turbines are made in Lappeenranta.

The Switch

The Switch

The Switch

Electricity from nature with permanent magnet technology

The Switch is the leading supplier of permanent magnet generators and full-power converters. Our solutions enable the effective use of intermittent energy sources to generate electric power. Examples of intermittent energy sources include wind, solar, tidal and wave energy. Using the latest technology in energy production will ensure the highest possible energy recovery rate, reliable performance, and compliance with ever more stringent quality requirements for electricity.

Systems based on permanent magnet technology improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions and lower the life cycle costs of equipment.

The Switch permanent magnet generator–full-power converter combination has superior qualities for various industrial applications in which the cycles of energy production or consumption cannot be predicted. For example, in marine applications, The Switch generator and converter technologies help reduce energy consumption, the size of the motor, and emissions. The Switch solutions help the customer boost energy-efficiency and reduce the cost of energy. The company's solutions for reducing the cost of energy to the customer is simple: increase energy output while cutting investment costs and the life cycle, maintenance and fuel costs of equipment.

The Switch was established in 2006 through the merger of Rotatek Finland (Lappeenranta), Verteco (Vaasa) and Youtility (Hudson, USA). The Switch has three offices in Finland: branch offices in Lappeenranta and Vaasa, and a head office in Vantaa. Globally, The Switch has offices in 16 locations in Europe, Asia and the United States.

The Switch’s vision is to be the partner of choice for applications for multi-megawatt power generation and energy efficiency.

The business activities of The Switch are based on flexible business models. The company's ready-to-use products are delivered to the customer as tailored or standard products. The customer can also provide special components for a specific device, or obtain a licence for a technology developed by The Switch. These flexible business models shorten the time to market, allowing the customer to focus on their core activities and gradually localise their offering.

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