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The Switch did not invent permanent magnet technology, but it made it available to the marketplace.

The Switch

The Switch

The Switch

Electricity from nature

The Switch’s systems generate electricity from wind energy and reduce costs in shipping and industrial solutions.

The wind, sun and ocean waves are energy sources whose capacity is constantly variating. With the aid of new technology, such variable-capacity energy can be made useful and the production of renewable energy profitable.

The Switch, which belongs to the Yaskawa Group, is a pioneer in technology for electrical drive trains and power generation and offers electric drive solutions for the future. Its installation base consists of megawatt-scale permanent magnet generator and power converter packages that have been supplied to users all across the globe, and delivered capacity is over 13 gigawatts. The company’s main business sectors are wind power, marine, and specialised industrial solutions.

– Our solutions are mostly used in wind farms, but we’re making an increasing number of deliveries for marine and industrial applications, says Matti Nikkinen, General Manger, Electrical Machines, The Switch.

The Switch’s innovative solutions for drive train and power generation systems increase the profitability and reduce the costs of using electricity.

The Japanese Yaskawa group acquired The Switch in 2014 and provides the company with continual opportunities for product development and innovation. Yaskawa Electric Corporation is one of the world’s leading suppliers of technology for motion control, robotics and system design.