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Energy and indoor air solutions for residential buildings offer limitless opportunities for new business.




ViitaCon is a master of energy and circular economy solutions for sustainable development

Energy and environmental solutions that have proven their worth in industry are soon to become a part of everyday life.

“There’s plenty of scope for implementing solutions that will improve living standards,” says ViitaCon’s founder Osmo Viitasaari.
New measuring techniques and wireless data transfer solutions offer opportunities for monitoring living conditions. It’s worth monitoring air quality and energy and water consumption, as perfectly calibrated indoor conditions benefit both residents and building stock.
“In residential buildings, there are plenty of opportunities to produce renewable energy, improve indoor air quality, and save energy,” says Viitasaari.

Through planning and cooperation, those with access to the district heating system will be able to agree on the benefits and requirements of both the residential environment and the local energy company. Key solutions include solar electricity production, indoor air quality management, heat recovery, and heating network settings for residential buildings, as well as open electricity and district heating network solutions for small producers.

ViitaCon’s expertise lies in design and implementation solutions in the aforementioned fields.

ViitaCon has developed design and implementation solutions to utilise municipal and industrial waste flows, based on a partnership model. In South Karelia, for example, lukewarm wastewater and process water could be used in greenhouse cultivation. Improved material efficiency and better use of the circular economy will also improve self-sufficiency in food production.