Etelä-Karjalan energianeuvonta (ENNE) | Greenreality

South Karelia energy advisory service (ENNE)

South Karelia energy advisory service (ENNE) is a part of Lappeenranta's Greenreality activity. The energy advice provided for the entire South Karelian region is based mainly on Motiva's energy advice for consumers. 

Energy advice for citizens

Energy advisory offers instructions for the citizens of the province concerning housing, mobility and heating. The advisory takes into consideration the current season. On cold seasons the main focus is on thermal cameras, with which heat leakage of buildings can be detected. In the fall, the main focus is on the significance of lighting in energy consumption.

We lend two thermal cameras free of charge for the detection of heat leaks. Before thermal imaging, it is beneficial to familiarize with material concerning it in advance, since it will speed up the process. The cameras are reserved by calling, via e-mail or on the spot. Instructions for the use of the camera are provided as well. 

Energy advisory can also be invited to present at events. The content of the presentation/participation will be decided on occasion.