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Lappeenranta 2033 -strategy

We Dare. We Do.

The Lappeenranta 2033 strategy with its action programs creates the basis for the budget and is led through the city budget to operational and financial objectives. We have chosen growth and know-how, clean and sustainable, and events and fun as strategic tips. The Growth and Skills program focuses on improving the employment conditions of young people and creating knowledge-based jobs. Clean and sustainable focuses on the energy, climate, water and circular economy. The events and fun, in turn, activates the residents to move and engage and creates conditions for attractive events. In addition, the divisions have their strategic development programs aimed at developing their divisions.

We will introduce new strategic funding elements (separate strategic funding for specific programs and the incentive component of development funding) to ensure the strategy's effective implementation and target scarce development funding on strategically essential targets. Such a funding model is not known to exist in any other city.