Lappeenranta | Greenreality



What is Greenreality?

Greenreality is a model way of thinking and operating for building a green future, to which we in Lappeenranta are committed. It is ecological thinking, green knowledge, responsible choices and, above all, actions for achieving a sustainable tomorrow.

We in Lappeenranta have been open-mindedly investing in green actions. We have played a pioneeringrole in many sustainable development solutions, in addition to taking active measures to combat climate change, recycle waste and restore water bodies. Green Lappeenranta is a key strategic goal for the city of Lappeenrantain terms of both residential comfort and industrial policy.

Our targets are ambitious. We want to be a model city for environmentally friendly actions, working alongside other pioneers towards a more sustainable future. The target for 2050 is for the city to no longer generates landfill waste or release emissions into the air and to have stopped overconsumption. A city that adapts to the Earth’s available supply of natural resources benefits both residents and businesses. As the emission levels and the consumption of natural resources reduce, general well-being will increase, attracting new residents, tourists, investors and new business to the region.

Lappeenranta has received many acknowledgements for its sustainable development achievements. The active business network, Greenreality Network, which is working towards a more sustainable future, also operates in the region. We have been selected as the National Earth Hour Capital of Finland by the WWF in 2014 and 2016, as well as the Cycling City of the Year in 2015.  The LUT campus was selected as the world’s most ecological campus in 2013 and, in 2016, the city renewed its spot as a finalist among the best cities in the world in the WWF National Earth Hour City Challenge.