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The strategic goal is to build a green future

The strategic goal set for green Lappeenranta is to stimulate business growth for the benefit of our companies, residents and living environment.

In the Lappeenranta region, sustainable solutions are invested in with an open mind. Green Lappeenranta is a key strategic goal for the city of Lappeenranta, in terms of both residential comfort and industrial policy. With its commitment to ambitious sustainable development and climate targets, the city of Lappeenranta offers a great environment for businesses operating in the fields of energy technology and environmental engineering. The aim is to develop Lappeenranta into a model city for environmentally friendly actions in which business growth is based on a clean living environment and a waste-free world.

Lappeenranta’s strategy up to 2028 guides the city’s operations. One of the strategy’s goals is to become a leading city in renewable energy and green technology, in which a major share of the jobs are related to international business. The city is working towards this goal through a climate programmeand a resource-wise programme, as well as by participating in the HINKU project (Towards a Carbon Neutral Municipality).