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Exhaustless driving

There are plenty of great alternative transport fuels to gasoline and diesel for us everyday drivers. A car can also run on bio or natural gas or electricity. When you drive a biogas car, you save both natural resources and money!

Why biogas?

  • Affordable
  • Clean fuel
  • Domestic
  • When you choose biogas, you're a pioneer in green development!


Save money

Biogas and natural gas are more affordable than gasoline or diesel. In filling stations the price of gas is displayed by kilo instead of liter. A motive power tax must be paid for a gas car, however, it is smaller than that of a diesel car. Principally, it can be said that with an annual driving mileage of over 10 000 kilometers, a gas car is more affordable than a diesel car. Driving a biogas car saves at least a third in the price of fuel. Biogas will most likely become even more affordable in the future, as refueling stations increase and competition rises.


Mind the environment while driving

Biogas is a renewable fuel. Driving with biogas doesn't produce any calculatory greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, biogas doesn't include any sulfur or heavy metals that would be released in the burning process. 

A gas car can be driven with both bio and natural gas. Practically, a biogas car produces 97 percent less CO2 emissions than a gasoline car. For comparison, driving with natural gas produces 25 percent less CO2 emissions than a gasoline car. 

The benefits of biogas also include the fact that it is domestic, so, unlike oil-based fuel, it doesn't have to be imported for long distances. The biogas sold at Gasum's gas filling stations has been produced in Finland, and in the future, a locally produced South Karelian gas can be bought in Lappeenranta!


Capital of Finland

Lappeenranta has been chosen as the Climate Capital of Finland by WWF in 2014 and 2016.

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