What is Greenreality?

We in Lappeenranta and South Karelia believe that the green future is here already. Greenreality is ecological thinking, knowledge, responsible choices and, above all, actions towards a sustainable tomorrow. We build the future together with citizens, communities and companies.

Greenreality Network -videot

Videoilla Greenreality Networkin jäsenet esittäytyvät sekä kertovat ilmastoteoistaan ja siitä, miksi he kokevat tärkeäksi kuulua verkostoon. Kuulet myös, miksi Etelä-Karjalan alue on energia- ja ympäristöalan yrityksille hyvä paikka toimia. 

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Lappeenranta receives the EU Mission Label as a recognition of the city’s progress towards climate neutrality by 2030

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EU funds Lappeenranta with €600,000 to develop elasticity of demand in district heating

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Heat storage technology piloted by the City of Lappeenranta now generates steam for the Finnish industry

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The roadmap for sustainable tourism in the Lappeenranta region, Finland has been completed – the goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of tourists and grow carbon sinks

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