What is Greenreality?

We in Lappeenranta and South Karelia believe that the green future is here already. Greenreality is ecological thinking, knowledge, responsible choices and, above all, actions towards a sustainable tomorrow. We build the future together with citizens, communities and companies.

Circular economy and resource wisdom

Earth has a limited amount of natural resources. The recycling and reuse of materials must be enhanced so that there are enough natural resources for future generations as well. Different actors in society are needed for change.

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Valorisation of CO2 waste streams into polyester for a sustainable circular textile industry

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The City of Lappeenranta is testing an energy storage system that power producers can use globally

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Energy independence is the main theme of the Future Energy Solutions conference in Lappeenranta, 8–9 November

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Lappeenranta continues as an environmental pioneer city after the European Green Leaf 2021 Award year – The year’s actions are presented in a report

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