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Greenreality in Lappeenranta

In Lappeenranta, we invest in green actions open-mindedly. We have pioneered sustainable solutions, and participated actively in climate change mitigation, improving circular economy and restoring waterbodies. 

A green Lappeenranta is a key goal in the city strategy in terms of both residential comfort and industrial policy. Our actions are based on resource wisdom and carbon neutrality.

Less talk, more actions

Our goals are ambitious. We want to be a model city for sustainable actions and work at the forefront to achieve it. Lappeenranta has already achieved plenty of attention for its sustainable development actions, i.e.: 

  • We have been WWF's Climate Capital of Finland in 2014 & 2016.
  • We are the first city in the world to utilize only EKOenergy -certified electricity. 
  • We are the first city in the world to acquire only biogas or electric cars. 
  • We received a Finnish Association of Municipal Engineering's (FAME) award for separate plastic collection in 2018.

The aim is to become a city that doesn't produce landfill waste or greenhouse gas emissions and doesn't overproduce by 2050.


What attracts companies to a city known for its expertise in the energy and environmental sector?

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