Power in nature!

Our natural world is vitally important. In fact, nature plays a crucial role in promoting and maintaining our general wellbeing. Did you know that getting out and about in nature is proven to be good for us?

In Lappeenranta, you are never far from nature. Did you know that every person living in Lappeenranta is less than 200 metres away from a 1000 m2 area. And 88% of all Lappeenranta residents live less than 200 metres from a 10,000 m2 green area.

Wooden duckboard in the middle of green vegetation. Tall trees in the background.

Activities for all are close at hand

Lappeenranta is home to a wide range of stunning nature sites, most of which have surfaced walking routes, visitor information guides, and other services. The Rantaraitti Trail, Pappilanniemi Bay, Lappeenranta Fortress, Hämmäauteensuo Marsh, Karhusaari Island, and of course the whole Lake Saimaa archipelago — these are just some of the natural wonders enjoyed by Lappeenranta locals and visitors alike. The many swimming beaches and nature, hiking, and skiing trails are all here to be enjoyed and promote our well-being.

Saimaa Geopark is applying for a UNESCO Global Geopark status and there are nine Geopark sites in Lappeenranta in total. The Karhusaari Island lean-to is only 1 km from the heart of the city. During the winter time, intrepid explorers can access the Island directly — why not cross the lake ice on skis, ice skates, or even on foot? What a luxury!

The charming, purple loosestrife that blooms along the region’s stony beaches is emblematic of Lappeenranta. The provincial flower of South Karelia, the arctic violet (Pulsatilla vernalis), also grows in many locations in and around Lappeenranta. Another local wonder that enjoys the waters around Lappeenranta is the endangered Saimaa ringed seal.

Founded as part of the City’s 370th anniversary, the Greenreality 370 Park inspired one hundred local residents to plant a tree to celebrate this momentous occasion. Each and every tree also binds carbon dioxide and helps the fight against climate change. One cube of wood is capable of binding one ton of carbon dioxide. Green power!

If we take care of nature, it will take care of us too.