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Electricity from nature with permanent magnet technology

The wind, sun and ocean waves are energy sources, the capacity of which is in constant flux. The Switch’s new technology enables the effective use of intermittent energy sources for generating electric power, making the production of renewable energy profitable.

The world's largest wind turbines are designed and built at The Switch's plants.

The company’s solutions are used in wind power plants, on ships and especially in industrial processes that consume a lot of electricity, but where the consumption varies.  Systems based on permanent magnet technology improve energy efficiency by reducing total energy consumption and reducing emissions.

The Switch, a company partly based on expertise from Lappeenranta, has broken records, especially in the design and construction of offshore wind turbines. The company started its record-breaking operations, back in 2005, by delivering the world’s largest wind generator, based on 3 MW permanent magnet technology, to the coast of Norway. The next step was achieved when a 5 MW offshore system was delivered to China. Now the company has become an industry giant by delivering a client an 8 MW offshore wind turbine generator bearing the title “the largest wind turbine in the world”. These giants are designed and assembled at The Switch’s factories in Lappeenranta and Vaasa.