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Apila Group

Apila Group

Apila Group

Creative approach to product development and environmental challenges

The operations of Apila Group are a combination of wise materials, product development and expert environmental management.

A functional circular economy requires new ways of thinking, innovative approaches, cooperation, interdisciplinary expertise and courage to act. Apila Group has mastered all of these elements, and it offers expert solutions on the regional, organisational and individual levels.

Operations of Apila Group are based on solid knowhow in materials chemistry, materials efficient product development and productisation.

The company has completed several development projects and pilot trials on the utilisation and practical use of by-product materials as fertiliser, waste and run-off water treatment, earthworks and various composite materials.

As a pioneer in participatory environmental management, Apila Group helps its customers turn their environmental goals into daily operations. Their methods include participatory workshops and tailor-made and practical operational steering models.

The resource efficiency of customer organisations is also steered by the appropriate legislation, the environmental expertise of staff, effective processes and well-functioning indicators. Apila Group’s services facilitate improved management of these factors.