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Apila Group

Apila Group

Creative approach to product development and environmental challenges

The operations of the Apila Group are a combination of resource wisdom, product development and expert environmental management.

Circular economy business models are of interest to companies. The transition of materials to circular economy requires companies to rethink and renew their product design and knowledge of recycled materials and their interactions, while striving for profitable business.

We offer expert solutions to resource-wise product development at the regional and organisational level. Wise use of resources and product development save time and money for companies when products, processes and services are examined in accordance with the circular economy at the same time as when recycled materials, safety, usability and legislation matters are taken into consideration. Unnecessary experiments are not needed. Customers are interested in sustainably produced products. The resource efficiency of the company improves, the life cycle of products lengthens and the consumption of fresh raw materials is reduced. In addition, new business activities and regional business ecosystems can emerge around the side streams of product and material production.

This resource wisdom-based approach of ours has helped businesses to face the concrete challenges of a circular economy, to face the changing operational environment, and to move ahead alongside with the development of legislation related to the use of resources. The Apila Group has a lot of experiential and multi-disciplinary expertise that is directly applicable to meeting the needs of companies.