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"We want to raise awareness about food losses and thus influence human behaviour."

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Solutions for reducing food waste

Biovaaka Oy provides solutions for reducing food waste in restaurants and institutional kitchens. The Biovaaka system enables us to carry out full food waste monitoring in restaurants and institutional kitchens. The data provided by the system helps our customers to pinpoint when and where food waste is generated, thus supporting management in developing their business operations. By incorporating food waste monitoring into our customers’ daily operations, we help them to significantly reduce both their food costs and environmental impact.

Food waste is a global problem that calls for solutions at every part of the food production chain. The food waste generated by Finnish catering services alone amounts to over 60 million kilograms per year, while food waste accounts for around 16% of all food produced (MaRa, 2020). In Europe, the amount is vastly larger. To reach the objective set by the European Union and the UN to cut down the amount of food waste by 50% by 2030, we must work towards this common goal with determination. The Biovaaka system is part of the solution: our system can be used to achieve set reduction targets in restaurants and institutional kitchens.

The Biovaaka system provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring and reducing food waste in all restaurants and institutional kitchens. Our customers include a wide range of Finnish municipalities and their food service providers, as well as private food service providers and restaurants. The Biovaaka system is used by our customers at various educational institutions, day care centres, industrial kitchens and restaurants. We provide full visibility into the food waste generated, and by involving staff and customers in the process, we help our customers reduce their food waste by tens of percent.

– When a restaurant is able to reduce its food waste significantly, it is a sign of environmental responsibility and responsible development of business operations. Moreover, the impact of reduced food waste is also directly reflected in the restaurant’s financial performance. In addition to direct savings, there are also indirect savings in personnel, delivery, waste management and other indirect costs, says Valtteri Ahonen, Customer Relations Director at Biovaaka Oy.

– Our goal is to make food waste monitoring and the Biovaaka system an essential part of the everyday activities of restaurants and professional kitchens. If we do not make food waste visible on a daily basis, it is not possible to make any significant reductions in the food waste generated. Biovaaka Oy aims to expand its operations in Europe in the coming years, says Laura Järvinen, Sales Marketing Manager at Biovaaka Oy.

Food waste in restaurants has not been made visible on an everyday level before – the Biovaaka system makes this possible.

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