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"We want to raise awareness about food losses and thus influence human behaviour."

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Smart ways to reduce food waste

The smart scale system of Biovaaka Oy will revolutionise the measurement of bio-waste by automating it completely. It reduces food waste in restaurants and helps them to work more cost-effectively. At the national level, this invention also helps restaurants meet the reporting obligations of the EU regarding quantity of food waste.

Biovaaka is making great headway. It is one of the first companies to focus on the automatic measurement of food waste in Finland and as far as is known in Europe.

At the moment, the company sells bio scale systems that weigh and show the weight of the food waste on plates that end up in the bio wastebasket in restaurant halls. The system records the daily waste volume of the restaurant in the cloud and compares the result to previous days and weeks. The system has been introduced into several educational establishments and lunch restaurants around Finland.

– Particularly in educational institutions, the bio scales are also used for educational purposes. “We want to raise awareness about food losses and thus influence people's behaviour,” says Valtteri Ahonen from Biovaaka Oy.

The system is being expanded in a way that it can also measure waste originated from the kitchen and the restaurant's serving line. Food waste in the serving line is created when the offered food is not eaten.

– When you know how much food is wasted, a restaurant can, for example, plan a more customer-oriented menu, Ahonen says, and continues:

– This matter is also relevant for our national economy, as the quantity of imported food can be better assessed in the future. This saves money and reduces the carbon footprint as transportation is reduced.

The company is funded by the domestic Fredman Group, a family company which specialises in digital solutions and food safety for professional kitchens. Biovaaka Oy is currently expanding business activities first in Finland and then heading to the rest of the European market.