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Finnsementti is helping to build a sustainable Finland by promoting eco-efficient and safe concrete construction.




Cement for eco-efficient and safe construction

Finnsementti produces the majority of cement used in Finland. Finnsementti’s cement is manufactured from limestone mined in Finland at the company’s plants in Lappeenranta and Pargas. Cement is the main component of the world’s most commonly used building material, concrete.

Finnsementti’s mission is to help build a sustainable Finland, and one of our key goals is to minimise the cement plants’ emissions into the air, water and soil through continuous improvement. We also promote eco-efficient and safe concrete construction by supporting the development of the concrete industry.

Recycled fuels and advanced technology reduce environmental loading.

The clinker used to manufacture cement is burned in energy-efficient rotary kilns, with coal and petroleum coke as the main fuels. The clinker burning process is the most greenhouse-gas-emitting stage of cement manufacture. By reducing the amount of clinker in cement and replacing traditional fuels with recycled fuels, we have achieved significant reductions in CO2 emissions. Our goal for this year is to increase the percentage share of recycled fuels by 5%. Last year, 41% of the kilns’ energy consumption was met with recycled fuels instead of traditional fuels. Every year, 300,000 tonnes of industrial waste and by-products are utilised as raw material and fuel at Finnsementti’s cement plants.

The advanced technology used in the cement manufacturing process has also enabled a reduction in the amount of nitrogen oxides and particulate emissions; nitrogen oxides have been reduced by nearly 50% from the 2006 level.

Cement kilns heat 2,100 detached houses a year

The waste heat generated by the cement kilns is utilised in the district heating networks of Lappeenranta and Pargas. Each year, Finnsementti supplies an approximate total of 30 GWh of heating energy to the district heating networks, which is equivalent to the annual heating energy consumption of more than 2,100 detached houses.

Local production and a comprehensive distribution network

The aggregate used to manufacture cement is quarried in Finland, which eliminates the need for long-distance transport.  Cement is mainly delivered to customers in cement trucks. Half of the output of the Pargas plant is shipped to Finnsementti’s terminals in Kirkkonummi, Maarianhamina, Oulu, Pietarsaari, Pori or Raahe. As of 2017, Finnsementti’s cements will be transported by a new, modern and ecological transport vessel with 300.000 tonnes more capacity than the current vessel and very low fuel consumption.