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Only genuine needs can generate real innovations.

LAB University of Applied Sciences

LAB University of Applied Sciences

LAB University of Applied Sciences

Sustainable development innovations for everyday life and business

LAB University of Applied Sciences creates new sustainable development solutions in cooperation with companies and residents.

LAB University of Applied Sciences is a new innovation-oriented higher education institution for working life that promotes the transition to a carbon-neutral society based on the circular economy and generates new business. The starting point for operations is the needs of the customers and the users.

– We believe that only genuine needs can generate real innovations, Vice Rector Henri Karppinen says.

– People always play the lead role in the development of innovations, he adds. Smart and people-oriented solutions that increase well-being and promote the region’s low-carbon economic structure are developed through collaboration between different fields of education.

Joint projects between LAB University of Applied Sciences and companies have yielded, among other things, new methods for the management of energy production and consumption as well as for improving material efficiency.  The operations utilise lifecycle and information modelling. In addition, new technologies and digital solutions have been developed to promote sustainable material cycles. 

Special skills in design and art help businesses, communities and citizens create ecologically, economically, socially and culturally sustainable products, services and living environments. Projects involve testing concrete new methods with residents, such as novel sharing economy services.

The activities emphasise the commercialisation of innovations. The projects encourage companies to combine their expertise into service products and promote their access to wider markets. The aim is to create new jobs and increase the attractiveness of the region.

The simulation premises for social and health care services as well as the technology laboratories of LAB University of Applied Sciences are among the best in Finland. In practice, cooperation with the UAS can be started, for example, by testing new product, service or business ideas in different industries.