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Our efficient electricity-, heat- and water networks enable progress towards a smart society and smart homes for sustainable development.

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Cleaner wellbeing at all times

At Lappeenrannan Energia, we are building a sustainable future for our region. In our operations, we invest in climate change mitigation and take environmental considerations into account in the production and development of both products and services.

We look strongly towards a green future by reducing our Group’s carbon footprint and will be carbon neutral by the year 2026. At that time, our green district heating, produced in an environmentally friendly way with renewable energy sources, is a pioneer in its field and still the most desirable form of heating in our area of distribution. We supply the world's best tap water, which is proven to be clean and exceptionally fresh in taste. In the future, with our most advanced wastewater treatment plant in Europe, the water released to nature will be the cleanest in Finland.  

The share of renewable domestic energy sources in our energy production clearly exceeds the national average. Most of our district heating has been produced in an environmentally friendly way as combined production of electricity and heat for more than a decade at Kaukaan Voima's biopower plant. We source carbon dioxide-free district heat from Joutseno at the Adven power plant and wind energy from Suomen Hyötytuuli. In our hybrid energy unit in Rauha, heat is generated for the area by a combination of geothermal- and solar energy and natural gas.  

As a responsible operator in the energy and water sector, we are committed to the national energy efficiency agreement. We are actively developing new services to make our customers' daily lives easier. We invest especially in digital customer service channels.