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In the district heat of Lappeenrannan Energia, renewable fuels account for two-thirds and its carbon dioxide emissions are more than 50% lower than the average in Finland.

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Lappeenrannan Energia

Lappeenrannan Energia

Pioneer in environmentally friendly energy and water production

The well-being of the environment plays a part in the everyday operations of Lappeenrannan Energia in many ways. We want to contribute to building a cleaner living environment in our region through our production and supply of electricity, heat and water to our customers. Be they small or large, our investments are guided by environmentally sound principles.

The percentage of renewable domestic energy sources used in energy production by Lappeenrannan Energia clearly exceeds the national average.  Approximately 80% of Lappeenranta’s demand for district heating is met by the biopower plant of Kaukaan Voima. CO2-free district heating is acquired from the power plant of FC Power in Joutseno, and wind power from Suomen Hyötytuuli. In our hybrid energy unit in Rauha, heat is produced for the region by combining geothermal heating, solar power and natural gas.

In addition to our basic electricity products, we sell EKOenergy-certified Forest Power and Wind Power products to our electricity customers. We were among the first energy companies in Finland to start purchasing surplus electricity from solar power microproducers, i.e. households.  Our first solar power plant was put into service at our Simolatie site in May 2016, and it is producing electricity for our own office’s needs.

We produce and supply more than 14,000 m3 of high-quality drinking water to our customers per day. Half of the water is produced from artificial groundwater from Lake Saimaa and half from the region’s groundwater. We treat approximately 15,000 m3 of wastewater per day. We are currently designing a wastewater treatment plant for Lappeenranta’s Hyväristönmäki, aiming to be Europe’s best in water treatment.

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