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Business Facilities reduces the operating costs of buildings by means of sustainable development.

Lappeenranta Business Facilities Ltd

Lappeenranta Business Facilities

Lappeenrannan Business Facilities Ltd

Real estate for sustainable development

Lappeenranta Business Facilities Ltd is a real estate development company owned by the city of Lappeenranta. Its task is to build, own, manage and allocate industrial, commercial and office premises in order to promote the business operations of SMEs in the region.

Business Facilities owns nearly 77,500 m2 of business premises located around the city, which are suitable for production, storage and various service and well-being sector operations.

Business Facilities offers its customers operating environments in accordance with their wishes, taking the customer’s own environmental and energy saving targets into account.

The strategic sustainability goal of Lappeenranta Business Facilities is to operate as a real estate development company championing renewable energy and a clean living environment.