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Minimizing energy consumption and emissions generate positive environmental impacts and  increased competitiveness. 

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LCA Consulting

LCA Consulting

Towards a more resource-efficient future

LCA Consulting leads companies to more sustainable competitiveness 

Management of material end energy flows, assessment of environmental impacts and sustainable use of resource are in core of life cycle thinking. LCA Consulting is specialized on life cycle modelling and carries out studies in field of resource efficiency and circular economy.  

Life cycle thinking is strongly linked with circular economy and resource efficiency in companies, waste management as well as in public sector. For example with carbon footprint study it is possible to find improvement targets towards more environmental friendly production. Significant savings in material and energy use and reductions in waste generation can be achieved with systematic management of material and energy flows.

– Our customers appreciate numerical results and moreover they highly appreciate increased understanding on the big picture. Sometimes customers are surprized how much a particular factor can affect the big picture. Customers can utilize results of studies for example in decision making. Life cycle modelling enables examination and comparison of different scenario options before the examined system or technology exists.  At the same time, it is possible to achieve better understanding about the examined system, says CEO Antti Niskanen. 

In addition to life cycle modelling LCA Consulting’s service portfolio also includes odour dispersion modelling, noise modelling as well as technology comparison for industry and waste management. LCA Consulting also helps with questions related to PEFC certifications.