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Student buildings save water and energy.



Lappeenranta Student Housing Foundation LOAS

Energy-efficient student housing

The LOAS foundation offers residential flats to anyone studying in South Karelia. The tenants in the programme now number more than 3,000, and all of the flats are in good neighbourhoods near the tenant’s school. ‘Energy-efficiency and the environment are top priorities for us: LOAS wants to build Finland’s greenest student community.’

Energy efficiency work

Since 2012, LOAS has been paying special attention to the energy efficiency of its buildings. Starting points of energy efficiency work:

  • Ensure that the technical systems of buildings function properly and that they have the correct basic settings.
  • Remote monitoring and control systems are used on all the buildings, enabling efficient monitoring, adjustments and detection of failures.
  • Invest in cost efficient energy saving solutions that will help achieve substantial savings in annual operating costs in the long run.
  • Solar power pilot and other pilot projects as part of the university’s Green Campus and research on energy.

The achieved results:

In the last five years, clear savings have been made in the consumption of energy and water:

  • Water consumption has reduced by 26%
  • Electricity consumption has reduced by 12%
  • Normalised heating energy consumption has reduced by more than 9%

Various measures:

  • A massive water-saving investment was implemented for the building stock in 2013
  • Building automation has been modernised throughout the building stock, switching to a remote monitoring and control system
  • Various heat pumps have been actively tested
  • The public spaces of buildings have been improved through LED lighting
  • Energy consumption data is actively communicated to influence the residents’ consumption habits

Plans for the future:

  • Increase automation and metering to enable better monitoring of building performance
  • In the future, to an increasing extent, residents will only pay for water and electricity based on the own consumption.
  • More alternative forms of heating
  • Solar power as part of the energy production of buildings