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The wood chips used in the production of district heating are purchased from local forest owners.

Luumäki municipality

Luumäki municipality

Luumäki municipality

Renewable energy generates vitality for Luumäki

95 percent of the district heating used in Luumäki is produced from wood.

The Luumäki biopower plant was launched in 2016. The old natural gas power plat became a reserve power plant. With that, the energy self-sufficiency of the municipality of Luumäki increased sharply, as 95 percent of district heating is produced from wood chips.

The energy wood used as raw material is purchased from local forest owners.

The production chain of the biopower plant comprises local forest owners and machine and transport entrepreneurs and the forest management association that is responsible for timber procurement.
– Energy self-sufficiency has an important impact on employment in a small community, says Mayor Anne Ukkonen.

The possibility of producing biogas is investigated in a company established in Luumäki.

Before the biopower plant was built, the impact of renewable energy on the environment was also investigated.
– Having a local secretary of environmental protection is key. Clean nature and lakes are our strengths, Ms Ukkonen says.

For a small municipality, the use of renewable energy is also a matter of image. The modern energy solutions and improved Highway 6 that leads to Lappeenranta and is currently being improved may generate more interest in Luumäki and attract new residents.
The municipality is promoting renewable forms of energy and the know-how of local enterprises by arranging the annual "plot market", for example.