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Soletair Power Oy

Better indoor air and carbon neutral fuels


– A single CO2 capture unit connected to a ventilation unit has the same potential as a carbon sink as three hectares of Finnish coniferous forest with an age of 30 to 50 years, says CEO Petri Laakso.

CO2 captured from an office building into the carbon sink can account for up to 50 percent of a building’s CO₂ emissions. Soletair Power’s CO₂ capture units have the advantage of excellent energy efficiency.

Improving ventilation in office buildings can significantly increase employees’ productivity while speeding up the global transition to fully renewable energy.  Captured CO2 can be mixed with hydrogen to produce fuel, for example.

– For the time being, we are focusing on improving people's cognitive functioning. We don’t just sell captured CO2 or reduce CO2 emissions but the best indoor air to companies.

Soletair Power offers CO2 capture units to clients both as a service-as-a-product and as standalone units. The service promises the client a level of reduction in CO2 which can be provided with certainty. According to Laakso, the price of the service corresponds to that of a cup of coffee, a few euros per employee per day.

– For a typical business operating in an office building, 95% of expenses consist of employees’ salaries. By increasing productivity even by just one per cent, the unit pays for itself very quickly.

The Lappeenranta-based company will next focus on expanding production and conquering international markets with the support of technology company Wärtsilä.