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The electricity produced by seven wind power plants can heat 3,000 detached houses.




An inexhaustible energy source as a raw material

TuuliMuukko, which was completed in the summer of 2013, is the first wind farm in South Karelia. It produces electricity using seven wind turbines with a total capacity of 21 MW.  The wind power production varies every day according to wind conditions.

The wind farm achieved its production goal in its first full year of operation. For instance, the electricity produced by the seven wind power plants can heat 3,000 detached houses. This certified EKOenergy electricity produced with wind power is sold by Lappeenrannan Energia.

When it was launched, TuuliMuukko was the largest inland wind farm in Finland. The power plants, erected on either side of Highway 6 on a heath with favourable wind conditions, are 90 metres high and the diameter of each rotor is 110 metres. The blades produce renewable energy, almost silently, as they rotate at an elevation of 150 metres.

At the wind power plant, the wind’s kinetic energy is converted into electricity, using wind turbines. Wind power is renewable energy and its production does not pollute the air, water or soil. The wind power plant starts operating at a wind velocity of 3.5 m/s and the output of the plant increases as the wind picks up. The wind power plant stops operating when the wind velocity exceeds 25m/s.

TuuliMuukko is a joint venture of LähiTapiola and LähiTuuli. The power plant is managed by TuuliSaimaa and GE is responsible for its maintenance. There are plans to build two additional plants in Muukonkangas.

Read more at: http://www.tuulisaimaa.fi