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Kaukas boasts the world's first biorefinery for producing renewable diesel and renewable naphtha from tall oil.

UPM Kaukas

UPM Kaukas

UPM Kaukas - Biofore integration

UPM Kaukas takes energy and material efficiency to the max

Sustainable development is a key part of UPM’s vision and values. We believe that we can significantly contribute to sustainable development through our operations.

UPM leads the integration of bio and forest industries. We are making our Biofore vision a reality, recognising our responsibility for our actions to our stakeholders, the society and the environment. We want to create profitable business operations in a socially and ecologically sustainable manner.

UPM Kaukas mills in Lappeenranta form a unique integration, utilising each other’s side streams as raw materials and energy. The Kaukas pulp mill generates more energy than its needs, so it delivers the surplus energy to the other mills. The sawmill delivers the bark generated from its processes to Kaukaan Voima Oy’s biopower plant for use as raw material in energy production, while the wood chips and sawdust become raw material for the pulp mill. The biopower plant also receives raw materials from the debarking facilities at the pulp and paper mill.

Now, the circle has also been closed at the old Kaukas spool factory, where the pulp mill’s residue tall oil is used to manufacture renewable diesel and renewable naphtha. At one time, spools were made at the factory from birch and the surplus wood was delivered for use as raw material for pulp.

Currently around 80% of UPM’s energy production does not generate fossil carbon dioxide emissions. Our production plants mainly use renewable energy sources and obtain their raw materials from responsibly managed forests. 80% of the energy supplied to the Kaukas integrated mills is based on renewable raw materials.

UPM respects forests. Our Biofore strategy means that we foster biodiversity everywhere we operate, aiming to be a pioneer in the sustainable use of forests.

Such actions by UPM include, for example, planting more than 50 million trees every year. We also organise annually tree planting events around the world so that schoolchildren, young people and many others from our interest groups can participate in this valuable mission. Tree planting events are organised in China, the United States, the UK, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Uruguay, Russia and Spain.

Planting a tree is investing in the future. Tree planting is good for sustainable business, but most of all it is good for us who live on planet Earth.