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Globally unique plant to promote the circular economy is under construction in Lappeenranta.





Each product produced using Wimao’s technology saves 1-4 times its weight in CO2 emissions

Wimao Ltd is the technology provider for recycling mixed plastic and other hard to recycle waste streams. With our unique patented technology, it is possible to recycle raw material fractions that are difficult or even impossible to utilize using other technologies. Wimao’s technology is ideal for mixed plastic waste streams, textiles and different fiber materials that usually go to incineration or landfill. Our technology also allows mixed materials, content variations and impurities thus simplifying sorting and pretreatment of raw materials.

The first production plant has been operational since 2019 in Lappeenranta. A new bigger production plant will be ready in 2020.

A wide variety of composite products.

With Wimao’s technology it is possible to convert recycled mixed plastic waste into ecological composite products. The technology enables versatile design possibilities for end products. The products manufactured unsing our technology are environmentally friendly and reduce both the amount od waste and CO2 emissions. The products can be used to replace existing products or components made of plastic, wood, metal, glass fiber, stone, or concrete.

Wimao´s operations include project deliveries and licensing of the production technology. Technology delivery includes equipment for the entire process from raw material treatment to the production of final products. Wimao’s sustainable technology has a very low water and carbon footprint. Wimao provides fully functional and highly automated production lines for recycling mixed plastic waste. The payback time for the production line can be less than three years.