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Globally unique plant to promote the circular economy is under construction in Lappeenranta.




Ecological composites and composite materials


Wimao designs and manufactures ecological materials and biocomposite products made of recycled materials. All used raw materials are mainly recycled materials. Our vision is a waste-free world and aim is to promote the circular economy by finding new ways to take advantage of a variety of raw materials and recycled materials and to maximize the raw material efficiency.

Raw materials

Recycled plastic and wood fibres are the main raw materials for these ecological composite products. In addition, any recycled fibres are well suited for raw materials, such as wood, paper and carton based fibres as well as different synthetic, mineral, textile, nano, micro, glass and carbon fibres, other similar fibres and polymers. The compound can additionally be supplemented with various foaming agents, flame retardants and other additives in order to improve the final properties.


Wimao manufactures biocomposite products using a patented extrusion-pressing technology. Extrusion-pressing technology has a number of advantages compared to competing technologies such as environmental friendliness, cost-efficiency and excellent formability of the end products. Our process is flexible and enables a high fibre content in the end product. It also allows to use raw materials otherwise hard to recycle. Diversified possibilities for design. The method can be used almost without limit, only large 3D -products are challenging.


These products can replace existing products or components made of plastic, wood, glass fiber or concrete. The properties can be tailored by modifying the raw material mix and mixing ratio. Thanks to its diversified possibilities for design, the technology is applicable in various industries, such as automotive, construction, packing and electrical industries.

Paint roller tray made of biocomposite. Enclosure made of biocomposite.



Our products are environmentally friendly and their design and production is profitable. On average, we eliminate a kilogram of greenhouse gas emissions for each kilogram of our products. The patented technology allows the usage of the raw materials otherwise hard to recycle, which make it possible to keep for example wood and fossil materials in material usage, not in energy.

The extrusion-pressing technology is a low polluting and cost effective method for biocomposite production. Benefits are excellent energy efficiency, low carbon and water footprint and effective utilization of recycled raw materials.

Planning and design

Our design team helps you with all details in relation to products, such as the raw material mix, product properties or design. We also offer various testing procedures for the product. Manufacturing of items for product development and testing is a cost-effective alternative in comparison with other methods.

If you are interested in a completely new product made of biocomposite materials, we are ready for the challenge. We take part in all steps of product development, from the definition of needs to testing and production planning.