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We provide project processes that respond closely to customers and technical expertise that anticipates future needs.

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Sustainable construction consists of the right choices

Nowadays, a significant part of construction is carried out already on the drawing boards before the project. The most important choices from the point of view of the building’s eco-friendliness are made at this stage. The life cycle of the building can also be influenced through its proper use. Construction is teamwork and coordination between different professions.

– Today’s buildings are full of technology and automation that you must know how to use correctly. The operations in facilities are also constantly changing and evolving. So we need project processes that respond closely to customers and technical expertise that anticipates future needs, describes Mika Sutinen, Project Manager at WSP Finland Ltd.

WSP Finland Ltd is an expert organisation that operates in almost all areas of society. In Lappeenranta, the focus is on the service chain linked to construction: design, construction contracting, site supervision and use-phase real estate services.

WSP manages and monitors the implementation of customers’ construction projects from start to finish using the Healthy House operating model. It starts with setting the goals and ends with the reception of the finished building and ensuring its proper use. The aim is a healthy and safe property for the user.

– We evaluate the solutions implemented step by step so that they work in the environment they were designed for. This allows us to ensure that the construction is done right the first time, the introduction of the building is controlled and that the building works properly even when furnished, says Jouni Hirvonen, Head of the Lappeenranta Unit.

According to Hirvonen, a close partnership with the customer is the prerequisite for a successful project. The result is added value produced for the customer. This can be achieved by adopting a people-oriented approach.

– It is extremely important that we are close to the customer and are allowed in on the customer’s processes. Only that way can we understand what is required of the building and what the customer really needs. It requires presence and a spiritual partnership – it is our way of operating.