Carnival | Greenreality


Welcome to the Greenreality Carnival 29th August 2019!

The Greenreality Carnival is a free event for the whole family. It will be held on Thursday, 29th August 2019, from 10:00 to 18:00 on Kansalaistori square in front of Lappeenranta City Hall during the city’s Open Doors day.

The Greenreality Carnival was held for the first time in August 2018. The event gathered around 3000 visitors including 400 pupils and teachers from the elementary schools of the city. The event has aroused interest this year already and a large number of actors from industry, the environment and culture and leisure have already agreed to participate in the carnival.


The involved Actors: 

Elektroway Oy, Etelä-Karjalan jätehuolto (provincial waste company), Etelä-Karjalan pelastuslaitos (provincial rescue department), Hyötyhalli/EKTA Ry, Karelian bites, Citybikes, Lappeenrannan Energia (energy and water company of the Lappeenranta city), Kaupunkisuunnittelu (The urban Development team of  the Lappeenranta city), Liikuntatoimi (Sport Development services of the Lappenranta city,)  LUT Junior University, Martat / Kestävästi Kaakossa -project, Onnenhevoset Oy, Piristäjät Lappeenranta, Pyöräliike Varustamo (bike equipment store), Original Sokos Hotel Lappee, Saimaan Vesi- ja Ympäristötutkimus Oy ja Saimaan vesiensuojeluyhdistys ry (Saimaa Water Protection Association), Lappeenrannan seudun ympäristötoimi (environmental authority of the Lappenranta city), Greenreality Network, kaupungin Greenreality-palvelut (Greenreality services of Lappeenranta city), Etelä-Karjalan virkistysaluesäätiö (Recreation Area Foundation), Cafe by Lappeenrannan Castilla, UPM Kaukas.



10:00 Event opening

10:10 Morning exercise, Liikuntatoimi

10:30 Magician Kristian Backman        

11:00 Dance Studio TwoStep

11:30 Circus performance, Taidekoulu Estradi

12:00 Oscar El Husseini & Tulenarka -band

13:00 Songs of Cabaret-musical, Lpr theatre

13:30 Dance Studio TwoStep

14:00 Afternoon Exercise, Liikuntatoimi

14:20 Magician Kristian Backman

15:00 Oscar El Husseini & Tulenarka -band

16:00 Circus performance, Taidekoulu Estradi

16:30 Dance Studio TwoStep

17:00 Oscar El Husseini & Tulenarka -band


We reserve the right to make changes to the program. 



Greenreality Network is an active network of energy and environmental sector companies operating in South-Karelia, the members of which want to generate business through sustainable solutions.