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Circular economy

Earth has a limited amount of natural resources. - That is why it is crucial to enhance material circulation, as well as encourage and enable the use of natural resources in a way that supports sustainable development and is economically sensible. Circular economy aims for economic growth without the overconsumption of natural resources. The change demands the effort of all occupations, ages, levels of eduation, companies and communities - as well as personas.

A South Karelian roadmap of circular economy has been composed in 2018, that sets goals for the enhancement of circular economy in our region. The city of Lappeenranta carries out different operations to advance circular economy. The city participated in the Circular Economy Municipality of 2019 -competition, and placed at the top three.

Circular economy is...

  • Material efficiency
  • Extending the lifecycles of products 
  • Increasing recycling
  • Consuming services instead of products 
  • Borrowing, sharing and fixing 

...doing together.

In order to get results, changes are needed in... 

  • Ways of thinking
  • Ways of consuming
  • Value chains
  • Product designs
  • Business models

...challenge yourself and join!