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Electricity, heating and water

The appropriate use and maintenance of a property has an essential role in its energy efficiency. To control the energy efficiency of a property, skilled and motivated employees are required. 

The sustainable use of energy and materials save company money, which in turn improves its business. In addition, the improved energy and material efficiency mitigate climate change and reduce CO2 emissions resulting from it, as well as support sustainable development. 

Energy advice for companies

Effective use of energy is sensible and responsible activity, with which significant savings in costs can be achieved. The reduction of energy costs improves the profitability of the company, and energy efficiency is one of the most important actions in limiting climate change.

The efficient use of energy should be acknowledged in the public sector as well. Energy management of properties and taking into consideration the energy and material efficiency in purchasing, as well as in traffic and community planning, is a step towards a resource effective future.

The Greenreality services of Lappeenranta offer energy advice for the entire South Karelian region.


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