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Consumption and material cycles – target for 2050

In 2015, 'waste' as a concept no longer existed. Life cycle thinking is applied in procurement, product design and decision-making. Consumers, businesses, the industry and the city are committed to being resource-wise.

An action plan and schedule for achieving the objectives:


  • New local actors for material flow management emerge in Lappeenranta
  • The city has its own action plan for incorporating reuse and recycling into designs and public procurements.
  • Annual resource efficiency awards


  • A "container" for construction materials and a design service for the recycling and reuse of materials have opened in Lappeenranta.
  • There is a biogas plant for processing biowaste and sludge from the region.


  • Experience/shopping centre for sustainable consumption
  • Composite materials from waste and recycled materials are produced at Kukkuroinmäki.