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The day program is free of charge but requires registration. 

Registration is closed. All participants have received more detailed information by email. 

Evening program for live participants is 100 euros per person + VAT 24%. Fee will be invoiced separately.

The event will be held in English. Interpretation is not provided.

Live event is in Lappeenranta City hall, Villimiehenkatu 1, 53100 Lappeenranta

Changes to the program are possible.


Monday 13.9.2021 

All times are CEST +1. 

Moderator: Dr. Antti Arasto, Vice President, Industrial Energy and Hydrogen, VTT

10:30     Opening and welcome (CEST 9.30)
              Mayor Kimmo Jarva, City of Lappeenranta
              Rector Juha-Matti Saksa, LUT University

10:50     Green Recovery of Europe - Keynote

  • Green Deal and Exit plan for Europe - Director Catharina Sikow-Magny DG Energy
  • Towards sustainable Transport System - Mr. Timo Harakka, Minister of Transport and Communication, Finland

11.30     Electrification paving the way for more sustainable world - Keynotes

  • The World is changing - everything will be electrified - Dean Olli Pyrhönen, School of Energy Systems, LUT University
  • Energy transformation and climate change - Chairman, Mr. Mika Anttonen, ST1

12:30     BREAK
              During the break virtual company visits in video format.

13:30     The electric drivetrain revolution - Keynote
              Kimmo Rauma, Vice-president Danfoss Editron

14:00     Company view for Electrification. Case examples from Marine industry
              Mikko Lönnberg, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Yaskawa Environmental Energy

14:20     Keynote: Regulatory and taxation issues in green electrification
              Mr. Petteri Kuuva, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland

14:40     Panel discussion

  • Petteri Kuuva, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland
  • Kimmo Rauma, Danfoss Editron
  • Mikko Lönnberg, Yaskawa Environmental Energy
  • Minna Näsman, Head of Energy, CLIC Innovation
  • Petteri Laaksonen, LUT University

15:10     Q&A

15:50     Virtual program ends

16:15     Site visits for live participants
              - Green Leaf Lappeenranta tour around the city OR
              - Visit to Visit to Yaskawa Large Drive Test Center (LDTC) 

Read more about the visits here

19:00     Get together and dinner at the Lappeenranta Fortress

Tuesday 14.9.2021

Parallel sessions 10.30-12.30

10:30      Green gas 

Moderator: Arto Nikkanen, CEO, Lappeenranta Energy company

  • Goals for hydrogen cluster activities - Chairman of the national hydrogen cluster Outi Ervasti, Neste Oyj

  • The new role of CO2: from harmful fossil emissions to raw material for sustainable products - Prof. Christian Breyer, LUT University

  • Improving the mass and heat transfer of direct air capture – the DAC2.0 project - Mr. Jere Elfving, VTT

  • CO2 capture in buildings - Techniques and products - Dr. Cyril Bajamundi, Soletair Power

  • Biomethanation – small microbes with large impact on renewable energy and carbon storage - Dr. Jose Rodrigo, Electrochaea

  • KEROGREEN aviation grade fuel from recirculated CO2 - Dr. Alex van de Steeg / Dr. Adelbert Goede, Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER)

10:30     Electrification is Moving the World 

Moderator: Antti Väyrynen, Danfoss Editron

10:30-11:05     Off-highway electrification – Antti Väyrynen, Director, Off-Highway Business Unit, Danfoss Editron

11:05-11:10     Q&A

11:10-11:25     On-highway electrification - Hanna Huppunen, Director, Service & Training, Danfoss Editron

11:25-11:30     Q&A

11:30-11:50     Marine electrification - Erno Tenhunen, Director, Marine Business Unit, Danfoss Editron

11:50-12:05     Reducing vessel emissions through electrification, Finferries, Mats Rosin, Managing Director

12:05-12:10     Q&A

12:10-12:25     Charging – Kempower - Tomi Ristimäki, CEO, Kempower

12:25-12:30     Q&A

12:30     BREAK

During the break virtual company visits in video format.

Parallel Session 13:30-15:30

13:30     Water Electrolyzers 

Moderator: Antti Kosonen, LUT University

  • Perspectives of alkaline electrolysis for large scale water electrolysis - Prof. Jens Oluf Jensen, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

  • Advanced converters for electrolyzers - Dr. Joonas Koponen, Neovolt

  • Aspects of electrical engineering in water electrolyzers - Dr. Vesa Ruuskanen, LUT University

  • Pro-and-con’s of PEM electrolysis - Dr. Laila Grahl-Madsen, IRD Fuel Cells A/S

  • 400 kW PEM electrolyzer - Mr. Michael Hehemann, Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ)

  • Kickstarting an integrated hydrogen economy in the Northern Netherlands: the HEAVENN programme - Janke Kappenburg, Program Manager, New Energy Coalition

13:30      Synthesis, power-to-food 

Moderator: Annukka Santasalo-Aarnio, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering, Aalto University

  • Food out of thin air - CEO Pasi Vainikka, Solar Foods

  • Technical and economical feasibility of industrial size power-to-fuels production at Joutseno - Dr. Petteri Laaksonen, Research director, LUT University

  • Energy efficient biocatalytic technologies for different purposes Dr. Anni Alitalo, Q Power

  • Synthesis of renewable power-based aviation fuels via the Fischer-Tropsch route –  Status and perspectives  - Dorela Dhamo / David Metzger, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

  • Development of intensified process for low-cost production of methanol from carbon dioxide and hydrogen - Dr. Arto Laari, LUT University

  • Production of synthetic fuels with FT-synthesis and high temperature electrolysis - Prof. Juha Lehtonen / Dr. Ville Saarinen, VTT

15:30     Virtual program ends

16:00     Site visits for live participants

  • Soletair Power, Elstore, Afstor   OR
  • Neoen, 30 MW battery and Power reserve markets 

Read more about the visits here

18:30      Evening get together for live participants 

Wednesday 15.9.2021 - Side event

Topic: Decreasing of carbon footprint from housing and social infrastructure buildings, mobility & logistics and efficiency of municipal waste management 

All day event 10.00-16.00 

See the whole program to the side event here