Network activity


The Greenreality Network was established to generate mutually beneficial partnerships and product innovations. A shared desire leads to concrete results.

While there are many well-established and good practices in traditional collaborations, thinking about the future also demands innovation. Innovation cannot be solely built on the tried and tested business models of the past — sometimes we need to think outside the box in order to develop sustainable practices and new ways of thinking about business. Lead the way in exploring unchartered territory.

Network-based partnerships and visibility

The companies involved in the Greenreality network attend events together, market their know-how, jointly offer their services, and generate new business opportunities in the region.

This collaborative approach generates new customers — both in- and outside the network. Through the network, companies have also found new markets for their products and services.

Networking promotes new partnerships and getting involved with different kinds of projects and initiatives. It also leads to innovation. The network gains access to information about national and international opportunities through the involvement of its public sector stakeholders.

Business growth from university collaboration

LUT University serves as a sparring partner and consultant for the network. It encourages the network members to innovate solutions that have business potential, create job opportunities, and promote sustainable development.

Greenreality Network

Greenreality Network is a business-oriented network of energy and environmental actors.

It operates in the South Karelia region in Finland and creates growth and new business opportunities for its members.