LALAPETE –  Upcycling innovations and environmental awareness

Project aims to bring positive change into the current situation in environmental awareness and circular economy. Aim is to change the current situation in environmental education and create educational material for kindergartens, schools and holiday homes. 

Also, to research environmental awareness of the citizens and to organise international workshops, seminars and training events to increase the awareness of environmental protection, climate change mitigation and sustainable lifestyle. 

In the field of circular economy, aim is to have cross border cooperation, share knowledge and make a road map for transition to the circular economy. In addition, the aim is to boost public opinion of products made of recycled materials, to show they are high-quality and exchange ideas of new products and services. 

Implementation schedule

1.1.2021 - 30.11.2022


City of Lappeenranta and City of Lahti (cooperation with St. Petersburg Foundation for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Development and St. Petersburg State Geological Unitary Enterprise ended on March 25 2022 based on Ukraina situation)


SEFR-CBC Programme 2014-2020