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Mobility and community structure – target for 2050

The long-term goals are carbon-neutral and sustainable mobility and a community structure that promotes well-being. In 2050, the centre of Lappeenranta will be a vibrant, dense and car independent area with good connections to diverse regional centres by various modes of transport. The city is an international hub for green logistics.

The resource-wise roadmap’s actions and schedule for achieving the objectives:


  • Ride-sharing stops for selected routes
  • Construction of attractive and comfortable pedestrian and bicycle routes
  • Improvement of the cycling and parking network and examination of the bus routes


  • Renewable energy filling stations and example-setting with city-owned vehicles
  • Covered parking areas and maintenance points for bicycles in the city centre and park & ride in regional centres
  • Use of recycled materials in the construction of the transport infrastructure


  • CO2-neutral public transportation and autonomous taxis
  • Covered accessible pedestrian city centre and transparent solar panels


  • 80% of driven kilometres using renewable fuels