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What is Greenreality Network?

The network of green companies has the power

Greenreality Network is a business-oriented network of energy and environmental actors. It operates in South Karelia, Finland and creates growth and new business opportunities for its members and the region.

The network was established by local businesses in the energy and environmental industry, the city of Lappeenranta and Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT). The coordinator of the Greenreality Network is Wirma Lappeenranta.

Partners and visibility from a network

The companies within the network attend events together, jointly market their know-how and offer services for projects, and generate new business for the region. Wirma, LUT and the city of Lappeenranta also actively market the expertise found in the region and the network.

Active collaboration between the companies has brought new customers to the members, from both within and outside the network. Product development projects have been launched within the network, in addition to developing new products for the markets.

Companies obtain information on national and international projects and networks through the network’s members who operate in the public sector. As members of the network, enterprises have a better chance of getting involved in projects and undertakings and finding new partners, more easily. Through the network collaboration, companies have also found new markets for their products and services.

The members of the network also have a say in how the achievement of the Green Lappeenranta objectives, specified in the city of Lappeenranta’s strategy, can be promoted through the city’s investments and service acquisitions and priorities, based on their business potential. 

Business growth from university collaboration

The network's coach is LUT, which encourages network members to introduce new innovative solutions that, in addition to green values, include business potential and create new jobs. In short, the network wants to do good for all: the environment, people and businesses.

Greenreality Network

  • Promotes the region as a centre for energy and environmental technology
  • Promotes local enterprises among customers, partners and prospective employees
  • Promotes networking and the development of the business environment
  • Provides an infrastructure for testing and demonstrating environmental and energy solutions and their functionality in the conditions of the North
  • Presents high-tech objects from the region
  • Supports synergy and networking between the Green Energy Showroom and LUT’s Green Campus
  • Increases energy tourism in the region
  • Attracts innovative investments to the region

Network's brochure:

GREEN for real

Would you like more information about the network? Please, contact us!

Markku Mäki-Hokkonen
Development Manager
Wirma - City of Lappeenranta
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