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Recycling of plastic packaging

From the beginning of 2016, plastic packaging can also be recycled in Lappeenranta. There are four collection points for plastic in the Lappeenranta region. Find your nearest Rinki eco take-back point on this map.

Packaging must be emptied before being taken to a collection point, and cleaned, if necessary. Cleaning should be as thorough as if the packaging waste were to be stored at the home for along time. The packaging should also be dry. 

Plastics you may recycle at the eco take-back points:

  • Empty, clean and dry plastic household packaging
  • Plastic food packaging, such as yoghurt jugs, butter tubs and packaging for cold cuts, cheese and ready meals
  • Detergent, shampoo and soap packaging
  • Plastic bottles, cans and jars – preferably flattened
  • Plastic shopping bags, bags and wrappings
  • Also other plastic packaging found at the home can be recycled, such as tubes, packaging made from EPS, etc.

Plastics you may not recycle at the eco take-back points:

  • Dirty plastic packaging or mixed waste
  • Packaging made from PVC
  • Other plastic products or plastic packaging waste from businesses

Corks, lids and such must be removed and put in the appropriate collection bin, separately. Corks and lids are often made from different plastic than the other parts of the packaging. Different types of plastic are identified in the recycling process by an optical reading system. Different types of plastics must be sorted for recycling. If, for example, a pan and its lid are made from different types of plastic and they are attached to each other, the reading system will only identify one of the materials. As a result, some of the packaging ends up in the wrong group, which can be significantly harmful to the recycling process. Other removable parts, such as the pump section of a detergent bottle, should also be sorted for recycling.